Geeklog 1.6.0sr2

Geeklog has been updated from 1.6.0sr1 -> 1.6.0sr2. It fixes bugs in the FCK Editor which allowed for Unauthorised File Uploads. Please upgrade ASAP.

We are adding another 50 scripts

The Softaculous Team has decided to introduce another 50 scripts.
The scripts to be introduced will be based on YOUR Suggestions.
We will build the list here so that everyone knows what we are working on.
Softaculous is soon going to have 150 scripts that will make it even better.
New feature are also being planned so stay tuned.

Post your suggestions in the Annoucement Topic

Announcement Topic:

The Softaculous Team

Sharing Softaculous through Social Networks

Softaculous has also placed the ShareThis Tool in our Pages at
Many users had been requesting this feature for quite some time and we have implemented this. It will enable users browsing to share Pages through Various SOCIAL NETWORKS like Facebook, Digg, delicious, Live Pages, Google and many more.

If you have suggestions for improving in any ways we would love to listen from you.

The Softaculous Team