Added WBCE CMS 1.3.2

WBCE CMS LogoWBCE CMS (ID : 643) package has been added version 1.3.2. WBCE CMS is a content management system which aims to combine security, a user friedly interface, search engine optimization and performance in the best way. It is shipped with useful modules for “usual” pages, news/blog like pages, contact forms and includes useful admin tools. A broad variety of modules for galleries, interaction and structured content etc.

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Added Directus 6.4.9

Directus LogoDirectus (ID : 638) package has been added version 6.4.9. Directus is an API-driven content management framework for custom databases. It decouples content for use in apps, websites, or any other data-driven projects.

Directus makes no assumptions about how you should architect your database – giving you complete freedom to optimize structure and performance for projects of any size or complexity. Built on top of the API is our feature-rich admin webapp (CMS) which dynamically maps to your database’s schema, instantly providing your users/clients with an intuitive interface for managing content.

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Added eLabFTW 1.8.5

eLabFTW LogoeLabFTW (ID : 640) package has been added version 1.8.5. eLabFTW is an electronic lab notebook manager for research teams. It also features a database where you can store any kind of objects (think antibodies, plasmids, cell lines, boxes, etc…) It is accessed via the browser by the users.

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Added Leafpub 1.1.9

Leafpub LogoLeafpub (ID : 635) package has been added version 1.1.9. Leafpub is an open source blogging platform with inline editing, handlebar templates, and a beautiful user interface.

Introducing the first open source publishing platform to feature a true WYSIWYG editor. Say goodbye to boring forms and rich-text controls. Say hello to inline editing.

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