Everything to know about Zurmo 1.5

Zurmo is an Open Source Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application that is mobile, social, and gamified. We use a test-driven methodology for building every part of the application.

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Recently Zurmo team released version 1.5 which adds several new features which makes Zurmo a better CRM. The latest version of Zurmo can be installed with just one click via Softaculous.

This is a short list of new features added to Zurmo 1.5 :

1) Advanced Reporting

Create Reports from Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Meetings, Notes, Opportunities, or Tasks. Report types include Matrix, Rows and Columns, and Summation. A Report Wizard guides users through the process of creating reports that they can save and generate as needed.

2) Workflow

Create rules that trigger alerts or actions in the system. Workflows are divided into two main categories:

“On Save” –  appropriate for keeping track of events as they occur, such as a won opportunity.

“Time-Based” – help users keep track of upcoming or elapsed events. A wizard also aids in the creation of workflows, where users drag and drop triggers and rules.

3) Marketing Lists

Allow users to segment Leads, Contacts, and Account records according to parameters set by advanced searches or reports. With the release of Zurmo 2.0, Marketing Lists will be employed in sending mass emails.

4) Email Templates

Both plain text and HTML Email Templates can now be created in Zurmo. Users have the ability to include reader-specific dynamic information into emails. For example, a salutation in an email is personalized according to the recipient’s first name.

5) Full Mobile Accessibility

Responsive design makes Zurmo accessible on tablets, mobile, and other small displays. Additionally, users can switch to mobile view while using the application on a desktop sized display. This is useful in scenarios where a user needs to run other applications, but still maintain minimal access to Zurmo on the side.

6) Enhanced Language Tool

The Zurmo Language Tool is powered by a Drupal l10n server. It integrates with the Zurmo.org Community Forums, where members can contribute within teams corresponding to specific language translations. Suggestions are actively checked and moderated by other team members. Thanks to the tool, Zurmo is being translated into over 20 languages.

7) Unified Inbox

All Conversations, Missions, and Notifications are aggregated in the Unified Inbox. Designate inbox items as read, open, or closed. Search through communication objects.

8) Upload Company Logos

Organizations can personalize implementations by uploading their own company logos.

Source : http://zurmo.org

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