Softaculous 4.0.6

The Softaculous Team announces the launch of version v4.0.6. This version of Softaculous has some API improvements and bug fixes.Full Story


The Softaculous Team has released Softaculous 4.0.6
This version of Softaculous fixes some bugs and has some API improvements.

A complete list of changes:

1) Select / Deselect Scripts as per the Category in the Admin Software page.

select category

2) When a package is downloaded now it will show the mirror from which it is being downloaded.

3) API Improvement of scripts.

4) Now Admin can specify a seperate FROM E-mail Address and Admin E-mail Address.

5) Language Translation improved in some scripts.

6) Email Settings Ajaxified in enduser.

7) Import Command line – Added option to disable import of Installatron and cpAddons

8 ) Package unzipping improved.

9) Subject of the emails sent to admin address will have the hostname of the server suffixed to it.

10) Bug Fix : Relative Path check while installing scripts in sub-directory.

11) Bug Fix : When Softaculous is loaded for the first time the details were saved but not returned. This is fixed now.

12) Bug Fix : AJAX List Categories for JS and PERL scripts fixed.

13) Bug Fix : While removing installation sometimes “undefined” used to come. This is fixed now.

The Softaculous Team