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WinterCMS is a free, open-source content management system based on the Laravel PHP framework. Developers and agencies all around the world rely upon Winter CMS for its quick prototyping and development, safe and secure codebase and dedication to simplicity.

  • Space Required : 71.18 MB
  • Release Date : 25-04-2024
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    • Development, simplified :
      With Winter CMS, you can build intricate systems with minimal effort. Winter CMS is a content management system built from the base up to be simple for clients and end-users, but powerful for developers.
    • Features for Designers :
      • Easy theme development :
        Winter CMS unburdens you of limitations with your front-end design by allowing you to create fully customisable themes in your CSS and JavaScript frameworks of choice.
      • Simple templating :
        With Winter CMS, templates and layouts are simply HTML, making it super easy to structure your layouts and pages for the best effect.
    • Features for developers :
      • Strong framework :
        Winter CMS is based on the Laravel framework, a wildly popular PHP framework, offering a strong base of functionality which Winter CMS builds further upon.
      • AJAX made easy :
        Dynamic content updates and background tasks are a breeze with Winter CMS with simple AJAX framework.
    • Features for clients :
      • Uncomplicated page editing :
        Backed up by the Static Pages plugin, Winter CMS makes it incredibly easy for clients to manage and update the contents of their site.
      • Full-featured media manager :
        Winter CMS comes in-built with a robust media management system, giving clients the ability to add and manage images, videos and other types of documents to be made available on their site.
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