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Version : 20150713
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Unclassified NewsBoard (short UNB) is an open-source, PHP-based internet bulletin board system, mostly like those you may already know. But the difference is in a lot of details that make your life with this board, both as administrator and user, much easier. You'll be surprised how easy things can be and how fast you can work with such a system!

  Space Required : 2.42 MB

  Release Date : 13-07-2015

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  • Native real-time Jabber IM notification on new posts
  • Detailed access rights management with an Access Control List
  • Intuitive usage: commands are where you expect them to be
  • Real unread posts selection, without cookies
  • Robust BB code parser with syntax checking and nesting tags support
  • Good scalability: Everything you need - nothing less and nothing more
  • Full Unicode support (i18n), multiple designs and languages
  • Compatible with any operating system that supports PHP and MySQL
  • XHTML 1.0 and CSS 2.1 compliant

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