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iGalerie is an open and free PHP application that allows you to create and manage your photo gallery as just that effectively.

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  Release Date : 01-03-2017

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An application modern

iGalerie offers all the features of a modern gallery: adding comments by your visitors, RSS feeds, sending multiple images, full-screen slideshow, management metadata EXIF ​​/ IPTC / XMP, cloud tags, URL rewriting, geolocation lock albums password, etc ...

Administration effectively

With iGalerie, adjustments are made via an ergonomic and user-friendly administration interface clear,. All functions can be activated by a mouse click, allowing you to create a minimalist gallery as a very complete gallery. And thanks to the contextual and full documentation online help, you'll never get lost!

A member management Advanced

iGalerie allows your visitors to sign up, send their images or become a director. You have complete and advanced management of all your users: system groups with many permissions, several methods for validating entries, customizable profile information, avatars, email notifications ...

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