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Lychee is the perfect place to store all your photos. No storage limit, no compression, no loss in data. We even support and display your EXIF and IPTC Metadata. And if you want, you can make your photos public for your audience. With just one click.

  • Space Required : 88.48 MB
  • Release Date : 05-07-2024
  • Get Support : Visit Support Site
  • Reviews : 4
  • Manage
    Managing your photos has never been easier. Upload, move, rename, describe, delete or search your photos in seconds. All in one place, right from your browser.
    Sharing like it should be. One click and every photo and album is ready for the public. You can also protect albums with passwords if you want. It's under your control.
    Look at all your images in full-screen mode, navigate forward and backward by using your keyboard or let others enjoy your photos by making them public.
    Lychee is completely open-source. Everyone can take advantage of the work we have already done and improve it. We are open for every suggestion or help.
    Your server, your data, your rules. Never depend on someone else. Lychee is a self-hosted solution, so you are in the full control of your photos.
    Our goal was to create a web app everyone can use. Lychee works intuitive and comes with a stunning, beautiful interface.
    Get the most out of our photos. Lychee supports EXIF and IPTC Metadata. Always available one click away. Clearly listed next to all other information.
    Import your photos from various sources. From you local computer, server, via URL or even from your Dropbox.
    Never lose one of your photos in the depth of your albums. Tag them or mark them as important. Every single photo or all selected photos at once.
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Lychee is awesome! It is very easy to install on my cPanel via Softaculous auto installer. Works nice!

⚊ a Guest - Shawn(January 15, 2018, 1:56 am)

Oh I love this lychee thanks so much! easy use, pretty and smart... its very simple and 100% free... God Bless you always... i am so happy today

⚊ a Guest - neshopne(October 8, 2017, 2:15 am)

I think it would be great for anyone looking for their own personal gallery for their site. I give it 5 starts out of 5. Thanks for adding this script!

⚊ a Guest - awfordjr(August 8, 2016, 1:09 am)

I love this application. Easy to start up, easy to build on. I do wish there were more platform possibilities like multi-user support, remote image storage (like Amazon S3) and some things like that but right now it is a great platform regardless. I have my wedding albums stored on this site for all to see and everyone loves it!

⚊ a Guest - Kyle(February 28, 2016, 4:04 pm)
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