2017 Year In Review – Softaculous Auto Installer

2017 has been a big year at Softaculous !! As we bid goodbye to 2017, its time to review the changes in the past 12 months.

Major changes in 2017

  • Added several features, bug fixes and improvements. One of the features we recently added allows users to backup their installations on Remote location like Dropbox/FTP/FTPS/SFTP.
  • Added 28 new scripts. Some of the recent scripts we added include Handesk, Firefly III, Zdoo, Zsite, Akaunting, SimpleRisk, GeniXCMS, ILIAS, Nuked Klan, HuMo-gen. Check out the complete list here.
  • 1270 Script Updates. With our commitment to keep our scripts library updated we released the updates for most of scripts on the same day when the script vendor released the update. Check out the complete list here.
  • We also added many new partners this year who started offering Softaculous to their clients for the ease of maintaining scripts. Check out our NOC partners list here.
  • SitePad LogoWe released a new product this year, SitePad Website builder which is a Drag & Drop Website Builder with 300+ templates and 40+ widgets which lets you create and publish your website within minutes. Visit website here.

We would like to Thank all our clients for showing confidence in our products. We appreciate your business with us and assure you that we will deliver more features and enhancements in 2018

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at Softaculous !!

PS : We are working during the holiday season so you can contact us for support related or any other queries and we will be glad to help you.

The Softaculous Team

Install 350+ Apps on ISPmanager via Softaculous

Softaculous is now available as the default auto installer in ISPmanager 5. Install 350+ apps like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc with ease from your IPSmanager 5 panel.

Thanks to an integration module developed by team ISPsystem in collaboration with team Softaculous, the solution is available to all ISPmanager 5 users.

Even if you are not an advanced ISPmanager 5 user, the web-script installation process will become seamless, quick, simple, and secure for you. All you need to do to start using this new functionality is to activate the integration module within your ISPmanager 5 control panel, after which it will become available in the “Additional Apps” section of the control panel.

Server management without specialized administration skills is a fundamental part of ISPmanager’s philosophy. Now, with Softaculous included in ISPmanager as a plug-in, we can offer our clients the highest level of ease and convenience for installation and managment of applications!
Pavel Guralnik, VP of Business Development @ISPsystem

Softaculous is available as a free module for ISPmanager 5 (from version 5.33) with 56 applications. By purchasing a premium version of Softaculous through our BILLmanager you will gain access to 350+ web-scrips.

Learn more about the integration here.

About ISPmanager
ISPmanager 5 Lite is a flexible web hosting control panel with the perfect balance of functionality, usability and price. To this date the panel has been already been installed on hundreds of thousands of servers worldwide. With such features as multiple user roles, built-in PHP selector, backup management system, data import from remote server and many, many more great features, ISPmanager became a perfect solution for both Dedicated and VPS server administration!

Added 21 Languages to Joomla 3.3.6

You can now one click install Joomla 3.3.6 in your native language via Softaculous.

Following languages are supported:

  1. Chinese
  2. French
  3. Russian
  4. Dutch
  5. German
  6. Persian
  7. Danish
  8. Polish
  9. Spanish
  10. Italian
  11. Portuguese
  12. Portuguese (Brazil)
  13. Arabic
  14. Greek
  15. Japanese
  16. Korean
  17. Norwegian
  18. Swedish
  19. Thai
  20. Turkish
  21. Hebrew

Softaculous now available on CentOS Web Panel


We are pleased to announce that Softaculous is now available as the default auto installer on CentOS Web Panel.

CentOS Web Panel is a Free Web Hosting control panel is designed for quick and easy management of (Dedicated & VPS) servers without need to use ssh console for every little thing. There are lots of options and features for server management in this control panel.

How to install Softaculous in CentOS Web Panel :
Softaculous can be installed with one click from CentOS Web Panel admin panel. Login to the CentOS Web Panel as root and go to Script Installers -> Scripts Manager and click on the Install Softaculous button.
You can also refer to the following guide :

By default Softaculous Free version is installed which has access to limited scripts. You can purchase the premium Softaculous license here :

Once Softaculous is installed you can access it under the File Management and Script Installers section when logged in as a USER.

We hope you like the new changes and we will be adding more features in the upcoming releases.

The Softaculous Team

Softaculous 4.5.5 released with support for Japanese

The Softaculous Team announces the launch of version v4.5.5.Full Story


The Softaculous Team has released Softaculous 4.5.5

1) Added Japanese language.

2) Admin can now create a blacklist of scripts (i.e. scripts to be disabled). Click here for guide.

3) Admin can enable backups to be taken by admin using CLI even when the backups are disabled for endusers. Enable the setting “Allow admin to backup from command line” from Softaculous Admin panel -> Settings. Click here for CLI backup guide.

4) Auto Install API now supports ISP System.

5) Improved Script packaging API to deliver script updates faster.

6) Bug Fix : In ISP System control panel user was unable to access Softaculous when logged in ISP System control panel into different browsers. This has been fixed now.

The Softaculous Team

Softaculous now available for Free on XAMPP, EasyPHP and WAMP

Softaculous auto installer is now available on your desktop environments like XAMPP, EasyPHP and WAMP server. Installing apps like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento and 330+ applications is now as easy as ONE Click via Softaculous. Get started with developing a blog, forum, wiki, e-commerce site within minutes.


The Softaculous apps library includes popular applications, including: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Concrete5, Moodle, ShopSite, phpBB, MyBB, SMF, bbPress, b2evolution, StatusNet, Coppermine, Gallery, Mediawiki, DokuWiki, TikiWiki, Elgg, Dolphin, OpenX, SquirrelMail, LimeSurvey, Piwik, Mantis, SugarCRM, WHMCS, PrestaShop, Magento, CraftySyntax, osTicket, Claroline, etc. most of which can be installed in several languages by just choosing the language on the Install form.

Softaculous also offers AMPPS – a WAMP, MAMP and LAMP stack with Softaculous installed. AMPPS is a complete package on your desktop, same like the server that provides many open source web applications. Application Management, Domain management, Database management, etc are provided in a secure environment to ease your development.

All logos and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Softaculous 4.5.2 released

The Softaculous Team announces the launch of version v4.5.2.Full Story


The Softaculous Team has released Softaculous 4.5.2

1) Added option for endusers to install WordPress themes from the WordPress install form itself.

2) Endusers can now select to auto update WordPress plugins or themes. This can be selected on the Install form or on Edit Installation page.

3) Improved the Import utility to import installations from other auto installers. Here is the guide.

4) Bug Fix : When all the scripts in a Category were disabled the category was displayed as undefined. This is fixed now and the category will be hidden when there are no scripts enabled under that category.

The Softaculous Team

Softaculous 4.4.7 released

The Softaculous Team announces the launch of version v4.4.7.Full Story


The Softaculous Team has released Softaculous 4.4.7

1) Added option in the Softaculous Admin panel to list the installations sorted by domain.

2) Minor theme improvements for Softaculous Enduser panel.

3) Added option in Softaculous Admin panel to Hide the remove directory, database, database user, data directory and www directory while removing an installation. By default users can choose to remove them or not.

4) Improved script requirements checks on servers running CageFS.

5) Improved Session handling in Softaculous Remote and Softaculous Enterprise.

6) Bug Fix : Fixed a bug which caused the images not being displayed in the Softaculous Apps Installer category in cPanel. The bug was introduced in Softaculous 4.4.6

The Softaculous Team

Softaculous 4.4.6 released

The Softaculous Team announces the launch of version v4.4.6.Full Story


The Softaculous Team has released Softaculous 4.4.6

1) Users can now choose a theme to install on the script install form itself. At the moment this feature is available for WordPress. This feature is disabled by default and can be enabled from Softaculous Admin panel -> Setting -> Enable theme option for endusers


search-themes2) Added option to install scripts over SFTP or FTPS via Softaculous Remote.

3) Added option in Softaculous Admin panel -> Settings to restrict the backup rotations limit for endusers.

4) Added option in Softaculous Admin panel -> Settings to disable Categories in Softaculous Apps Installer section in cPanel and Directadmin.

5) Bug Fix : In Interworx Sub-Domains were not listed on the script install form in Softaculous. This is fixed now.

6) Bug Fix : Reseller Panel detection failed in WHM when it was accessed from whm.example.com . This is fixed now.

7) Bug Fix : Header links were broken when Softaculous was accessed in cPanel Native UI in Paper Lantern theme of cPanel. This is fixed now.

8) Bug Fix : Disk usage calculation did not work in Plesk Linux panel. It is fixed now.

9) Bug Fix : Auto Backups failed to delete extra backups when the used edited backup rotation to a lower value. Eg: User changes backup rotation from 6 to 4, in this case Softaculous did not delete the two extra backups. This will now be deleted when the next auto backup task is executed.

10) Bug Fix : When an installation on root of the domain was backed up, Softaculous included all the sub-domains and addon domains in the backup. This is now rectified and the backup will include only the files/folders related to that particular installation.

11) Bug Fix : When an error occurred during installation on root of the domain Softaculous failed to delete the files unzipped during the installation. This is now fixed.

The Softaculous Team

Softaculous now supports ISPConfig3

Softaculous Team is Happy to announce the integration of Softaculous into the Open Source Hosting Panel ISPConfig3.

With Softaculous, ISPConfig3 will have :
1. 310+ scripts
2. Scripts updated daily
3. ONE STEP install process
4. Ratings, Reviews and Demos
5. Multilingual apps
6. Auto install module to allow users to install apps when they sign up with you
…and much more.

Installation of Softaculous on ISPConfig3 is Easy:

If you need any assistance feel free to contact:

The Softaculous Team