Demos for your Premium WordPress Plugins & Themes

📢 All WordPress Plugins & Themes developers we are thrilled to announce our latest feature which lets you showcase your premium plugins & themes features through a live WordPress demo website.

Register at our Softaculous Cloud Panel :

Follow simple steps :
✅ Launch a Sandbox Website
✅ Install your premium plugins / themes
✅ Create a Template of this WordPress installation
✅ Copy the Share Link and share it with your clients
✅ A new WordPress instance will be launched for each client and they will be auto logged into WordPress admin panel to try the features or your plugins / themes

Important Notes :
✅ The Demo instances are short lived and delete after a day
✅ You can use APIs to launch demos from your website
✅ You can use custom CNAME for sandbox websites
✅ Your source code is secure as the users will not be able to install new plugins like File Manager to download source of your plugins

For any questions email us at